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In-Progress Work on Web App

Greetings, and thanks for dropping by my website. Just as a quick update: the “Blog” link on the left-hand menu and the Navbar menu no longer redirect to my Github pages blog. That blog is built using the Hexo.io framework, which is a brilliant templating / static file generator built on NodeJS.

To be clear, I don’t normally spend my time trying to reinvent the wheel: if you want a simple blogging framework, then speaking from personal experience, I highly recommend giving Hexo a try. However, my ultimate goal with this website is to turn it into a full web application w/ an admin dashboard to add skills, add portfolio items, add blog posts, etc… as a practice in building an E2E web application. This entire process includes everything, from design & wireframing, to writing the tests, then writing the code, then configuring CI/CD.

By extension, I guess this basically means I’m building my own blogging framework (among other things). I’ll be documenting my process here as much as possible, though it’s currently difficult because I am literally hard-coding this particular post into my Vue component, which is making me nauseous. Please keep checking back periodically to see the latest progress of my work.

If you’d like to take a look at what my current tasks are and where I’m at, drop by the Trello board.

Otherwise, take care.

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