Michael Vinh Xuan Thanh

I develop apps and games. I produce multimedia. I write.

Separating Blog Concerns

Finally finished my personal website restructure. It uses Hexo, making it much easier to post new updates. All of my current projects are also added to the Projects page, and all of the information is up-to-date.

This website will primarily be for personal updates about projects and musings that don’t belong on other platforms.

  • Software and coding-related material will all be under The Static Void Academy blog.
  • Or, if you’re interested in learning software, I teach. Visit the SVA’s main course page.
  • Politics, productivity, success, and other life-related writings are posted on Medium.
  • I have a monthly newsletter where I recommend and review applications for success and productivity. Sign up here.

Otherwise, thank you for stopping by! As always, if you need to reach out to me, check my About page for contact information, or visit one of my social links in the footer.

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