Michael Vinh Xuan Thanh

Solutions Engineer. Software Developer. Musician.


These are the charities and non-profits I donate to.

Amnesty InternationalI am grateful for my freedom and safety. I donate so maybe more people may enjoy what I believe are universal human rights.
Charity NavigatorI care about vetting charities to ensure donations are used for the benefit of the needy, not to line the pockets of the privileged.
Connections for Abused Women and Their ChildrenI believe in fighting against abuse and helping its victims.
Doctors Without BordersDoctors are the lifeblood of a healthy society and world. I donate to support the volunteers and doctors of MSF, who respond to crises all over the world.
Equal Justice InitiativeI recognize the economic and social disadvantages of many and want to help bridge this gap.
Lifesong for OrphansI acknowledge how having a loving family and a stable childhood has contributed to my happy life. Orphans are put in difficult situations, usually through no fault of their own - I donate to help them.
Mobile Loaves & FishesHomelessness is a complicated subject, but I firmly believe nobody deserves to starve or freeze to death regardless of the circumstances. I donate to MLF, who provides life-sustaining services (food, clothing, etc.) to homeless people.
Navy SEAL FoundationI hate war, but I love those who choose to lay down their lives for their country. I donate money to aid them.
Physicians for Reproductive HealthI realize the need for better access to healthcare and sex education. I especially want women to have access to the resources and help they need for family planning so that the children born into the world are wanted.
Sponsors for Education OpportunityI understand the value of education and how the lack of access to it impedes success for many. I wish to live in a society with more educated people, and I actively donate towards this cause.