Michael Vinh Xuan Thanh

I develop apps and games. I produce multimedia. I write.

Engineering Principles

KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) Over-engineering is bad. I prefer 5 lines of readable code over 1 complex lambda expression.
DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) There should be one source of truth for any piece of information to avoid sync issues. However, sometimes there are exceptions (although sparingly).
12-Factor Apps Great principles for producing high-quality, maintainable applications
The Joel Test Great principles for high-quality management of projects and applications

Charities I Donate To

Charity Navigator I care about vetting charities to ensure donations are used for the benefit of the needy, not to line the pockets of a few.
Equal Justice Initiative I recognize the economic and social disadvantages of many and actively donate to bridge this gap.
Navy SEAL Foundation I hate war, but I care deeply for those who choose to lay down their lives for our country and their loved ones.
Physicians for Reproductive Health I recognize the need for better access to health care and better sex education to care for people and prevent unwanted pregnancies.
Sponsors for Education Opportunity I value education and wish to live in a society with more educated people.