Michael Vinh Xuan Thanh

Solutions Engineer. Software Developer. Musician.

Hire Me

I'm available for hire on part-time jobs and contract gigs. My hours are evenings and weekends, and I offer the following services:

  • Speech Coaching - Need someone to watch your presentation and coach you? I work as a Sales Engineer; we do sales presentations and demos, and we effectively answer ad-hoc questions and improvise on-call. Book a Discovery call with me first so I understand your needs, and we'll come up with a tailored plan just for you.
  • Résumé Review & Editing - I am a professional with years of experience on both sides of the table. I know exactly what recruiters are looking for, so let me help you get hired!
  • Website Development - If you're looking for a custom website, I've got extensive experience developing both simple landing pages and more complex applications with a cloud back-end. Book a Discovery call and let's talk about your needs.
  • Other - I'm generally skilled with most computer & IT-related tasks. Need an admin assistant? I can help. Need to do anything spreadsheet or data related? I'm your guy. Schedule a Discovery call today, and we'll see if it's a good fit.