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I know what recruiters and scanners look for. Once you're in the interview, it's all up to your skills and efforts - but I can at least help you with landing the conversation!

How this works:

  1. Purchase my résumé review on Gumroad. The purchase will come with a PDF with detailed instructions on what to do.
  2. You'll send me an email with the required info along with an attachment of your résumé (make sure you follow instructions exactly).
  3. Depending on which tier you purchased, I'll get back to you with suggestions/advice within 2 or 7 days.
  4. You make the changes I suggest.
  5. You apply with your new résumé and land interviews.


Interested? Find out more information by visiting the Gumroad page below.

I'm generally skilled with music production and video editing. If you're looking for someone to edit your videos or compose some music for a project, contact me and we'll see if it's a good fit!